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Is Safe ?

Yes, this is a safe site. So I’ve actually had my Synthetic Woman for about a month now. SHE’S AMAZING! The sex feels identical with a small amount warming water based lubricant. Because of her perfection, I’ve noticed a lot of flaws with real women and become significantly less desperate for female validation. I also have way more time to invest in other things. Only issue I have was shipping due to covid stuff. Other than that, this was the best money ever spent!

Is Safe ?

Yes, it’s safe according to my experience. First time doll purchase. I have to say the customer service team is AWESOME, who have all made the experience of purchasing a doll very easy, friendly, and comfortable. In fact my wife and I felt more supported by the team AFTER the doll was paid for which confirmed we made the right choice which company to buy the doll from, and because of your continuous hard work and friendly emails, we will only consider this site for any future purchases.

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Yes. Best service ever!! I’m not one for drama, but these guys are legit AMAZING!! Thank you for taking me through this first purchase. If I could give them more than five stars I would. I was skeptical and didn’t know which vender to use, so glad I chose these guys. Took about 3 weeks, but so worth the wait. The single best purchase and experience I’ve gotten for myself. I’m ecstatic, she is awesome!

GorgeousSexDoll: Site Review

Yes, it is a reliable site. The Real Deal! This Doll has the proportions I love! I cannot get over the tactile feel of her body, it is perfect. Spanking her is a pleasure. I had bought outfits and wigs for her as I waited for her to arrive. She is heavy but it adds to realism!!! A real sexy companion for me in lockdown. The seller came through with a fantastic doll. Next purchase will be a MUST. Thanks!